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Korean makeup enthusiast and probably owns way too much makeup and skin care for their own good. Here I will review makeup companies in Korea that I enjoy or I think are good products. I am not sent any of this, nor am I sponsored by anyone. I buy all of the products myself and review them honestly with my opinion. If there's a product you want to know more about, ask me in the ask box and I will try and answer it the best I can. Hope you enjoy~! <3

Hey guys! Etude has a global webstore and if you sign up you can receive special promotions. Also if you share the link from their facebook page you could win a Secret Pink Box!! Check it out!!

Hello everyone! I had many people interested in having some sample giveaways, so please send me some samples of products you would like to try in my ask box and I will try to see if I have them!!

byesha said: Do you have any face mask samples or eyeshadow samples?

I have some face masks that I can give away. No eyeshadow ones unfortunately, as it’s not really a sample-type thing in Korea. Sorry!!

opticalcrown said: Actually, I heard that all gel liners are prone to drying up, and there are ways to revive them too!

Yeah, I tried to revive it with some water…but it wasn’t worth the effort. It was such a shame because I loved the colour. Thanks for the information!!


Hello, I am back again with another review!



Here is a cushion style eyeliner from Etude House. This is the new Summer line called Lock’n Summer. This line includes eyeliner, mascara, a cushion foundation and some more lip fit style colours. The eyeliner comes in 5 colours; black,…

So, I had this for about 3 months and after 1 month I had it it dried up!! I had only used it about 4 times. In my opinion it’s a waste of money.

Hello everyone! I am back with another review! This time it is Etude House’s Dear My Wish lipstick.



This is Etude House’s newest lipstick line that has come out that is modelled by F(x)’s Krystal (video) This lipstick is very similar to my Blooming Lips Pink Talk line, but instead of a matte style lipstick it is a glossy and moisturizing lipstick. “This rich colour, rich nutrition, and rich moisture lipstick comes with a new texture that melts smoothly onto lips and delivers vivid colour with just one touch.”




This packaging is like the other Etude House lipsticks, a simple pink case, a cute pink bow and twist up. Though it is a little taller than the My Booming Lips. There’s not much more to say about this, as it’s pretty standard and there’s nothing too special about it. 

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I did the swatches in one swipe, and the colour is very pigmented. I wore the BE101 to my dance class and it lasted the whole class and about 2 hours after. You don’t have to reapply this product much, which I like because I am usually very busy and don’t have the time to check and reapply my makeup. I really like this lipstick because it’s not too glossy, and it’s super moisturizing. It’s like a lipstick/lip balm hybrid. I’ve bought them on a Friday and I have been wearing them non-stop for the past 4 days. I’m not a fan of nude coloured lipsticks, but BE101 is a nude colour with a natural pink in it and I love it. It’s such a casual colour that looks very natural but with a hint of “I’m wearing makeup”. The PK001 is a fun pink colour, in my opinion it’s the perfect pink shade for most skin tones as it’s not too bright but still a lovely pink. The last one PK003, I really love! It was the first one I bought because I love the deep pink/magenta colour, it really looks nice on fair to medium skin as it makes your lips pop.

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This is a comparison between My Blooming Lips: Pink Talk (PK003) and Dear My Wish (PK003). As you can see the top is the MBL it’s more matte, while you can see the moisture in DMW. I also just did two swipes of each to compare and the DMW is more pigmented than the MBL one.


  • bright pigmented colour
  • price is about the same as other Etude lipsticks
  • long lasting
  • moisturizing
  • decent amount of product
  • variety of colours


  • slight scent (not too strong)



Hey guys, so my giveaway is over and I realized how many free samples of things I have… I buy a lot of makeup and in Korea they just give you handfuls upon handfuls of free samples. So, I am thinking of doing a few sample giveaways if people are interested. I mean it’s not a full product, but then you’d know if you like it and it’s free! If people are interested then I will definitely do it. Please inbox me with things that people would like to try and I will do some mini giveaways!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay!! I was extremely busy and then extremely sick. The first winner has been notified, when i heard back from them I will contact the second winner. Please be patient!

Anonymous said: is your giveaway over? :(

No, my skincaee giveaway is until the end of august

Anonymous said: Is your giveaway international?

Yes! Anyone in the world is eligable to win